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About us - information about the company

Sauna 200x180x210 - ArtdecoOur saunas provide warmth and light - the source of life

We apply the state-of-the-art technology and expertise from Finland - the homeland of the sauna - to build the sauna of your dreams. This can be a traditional Finnish sauna, which enables you to experience the atmosphere of Scandinavian saunas, or an InfraSauna, which gives you a strong physical experience of quick and deep body cleansing, or a Turkish bath in which you can feel the pleasure of relaxing in warm humid air, soaked with therapeutic aromas. Thanks to the use of special sauna stoves, sometimes accompanied by infrared radiators, it is possible to incorporate different functions into the sauna cabin.

Sauna 200x180x210 - ClassicOur saunas make you healthy and relaxed

There are several ways the sauna may help you improve your health and keep fit: through its high temperature, its aromatic air filled with natural essential oils, and its infrared radiation effect. It is simply an ideal place to be. Our saunas are also equipped with fittings used for light therapy.

Taking a sauna in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere will make you experience genuine relaxation, impossible in other circumstances.

Our saunas are invigorating and perfectly safe for both the young and the old, regardless of their age.

Our saunas are unique

Sauna 200x180x210 - JugendstilWe build our saunas with love and a touch of magic - thanks to this, as well as the best technology and the Finnish quality wood, our saunas not merely Finnish in name. If you look carefully, you will find LOYLY, the Finnish sauna's little spirit, in each of our saunas. And if such spirit lives in a sauna, it gains magical power and is said to bring good luck.

Our saunas are also very carefully constructed. The materials we use are produced by the world's top manufacturers; they meet all safety standards, and their high quality, comfort and durability are guaranteed. We co-operate with interior designers to tailor our product to your needs and to blend in with the architecture of your home. We also make saunas for public amenities to extend the range of services they offer and boost the comfort of their clients.


To cater for your individual tastes our saunas can be adapted to the style of your home. Your sauna can be constructed in a style to suit you; classical, rustic, Art Deco, JUGENDSTILL or any other style created according to your own design.

Whatever the style, our saunas are carefully made from materials of the highest quality, yet are kept at reasonable prices.

Whatever the distance, we deliver and install our saunas in your home. We will be pleased to answer any of your questions. Feel free to write to us in English.


If you wish to order, please e-mail or fax to us the information needed to design a sauna. Then you will receive a preliminary design together with information about the price and expected delivery time - all this without charge. Further terms of the service are discussed and agreed to with customers on an individual basis.


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